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Supplier Diversity

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Maine Water is committed in seeking business relationships that enable us to provide our customers with excellent customer service and a reliable supply of high quality water at a fair and reasonable price.

Maine Water’s supplier diversity program is designed to encourage, recruit, and utilize women, minority, veteran and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered enterprises within our supply chain.

Diverse suppliers are business enterprises that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by one of the following:

  • Women (WBE)
  • Minorities (MBE): African-American, Hispanic, Native-American, or Asian-American
  • Veterans (Including Disabled)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT)

Maine Water is committed to continuously improving our supplier diversity program. We recognize that partnering with Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) is an important part of Maine Water’s success. We can best accomplish our mission with a diverse supply chain that enables us to be more competitive and enhance the economic vitality of the communities we serve.

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