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Linebacker® Protection

Connecticut Water offers the Linebacker® Protection Plan - a program that safeguards your water service line, wastewater pipes and in-home plumbing in the event of breaks and leaks in the underground service line, broken or clogged drainage lines, leaking in-home water pipes and more.

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What our customers are saying.

It’s a great service. I have an old style home and you just never know where problems will arise. Very professional, prompt, and a relief to know you can get help quickly.

- DM - Stafford Springs
For just 27 cents a day
you can save thousands of dollars in out of pocket repairs
862 repairs
were made for Linebacker customers in 2023
More than $750,000
in repair costs saved by customers in 2023 with Linebacker Protection
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How it works

A typical home's water service line connection to the home.








Linebacker® Terms & Conditions

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Linebacker Water $96/year* (or $8/month) Enroll Now
Linebacker Plus $169/year* (or $14.09/month) Enroll Now
CW Recommends Linebacker Complete $209/year* (or $17.42/month) Enroll Now
Covers repair or replacement of:
Water service line leaks from the curb valve up to the foundation and includes the first shut off.
Non-functioning curb box or curb box cover.
Leaking or non-functioning valves or meter pit parts for customers with meter pits.
The cost of water turn off/turn on fees otherwise charged by the Connecticut Water Company (only for those receiving water service from Connecticut Water Company).
One time loam/seed for disturbed lawn areas and one time restoration of paving by application of temporary patch.
Clogged/blocked or broken wastewater lines inside the house
Clearing of wastewater line clogs caused by tree roots up to once per contract year.
Leaking in home water supply system (permanent water pipes, connecting fittings and valves that distribute the incoming water supply to fixtures and appliances).
Clogged/blocked or broken wastewater lines from the exterior foundation to the property line (if served by a municipal sewer system) or to a septic tank (if served by an on-site septic system).
Coverage limits
Up to $12,000 in water service repair costs per calendar year.
Up to $6,000 for any single wastewater repair.
Up to $2,000 for any single in-home plumbing repair.
*Rates listed above are for single homes only.
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