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One-Time Customer Hardship Assistance Program

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We have developed an additional program for customers who have consistently met their obligation but are experiencing a one-time financial hardship or a life changing event that put their account in arrears. Assistance is available under a one-time hardship program even if the customer does not meet income eligibility criteria for other program. This can be for all or part of the balance due on their water bill.

Customers who contact the company will be directed to the local social service agency for access to the H2O Customers Program, and to determine if they are eligible for other programs or assistance.

Likewise, if a local social service agency is working with an individual who does not meet the H2O program eligibility guidelines, but needs one-time assistance, the agency may offer them access to CWC’s one-time customer hardship assistance program.

In either situation, a credit in the amount of the assistance would be issued directly to the customer’s account.

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